Divine Renovation Ministry puts on several conferences and events a year. But we also practice what we preach…

Currently, several members of the Divine Renovation Team are in London, England at the LC18 conference. For years Divine Renovation and Saint Benedict Parish have been sending staff and lay leaders to experience the LC18 conference. Why do conferences and events matter?

Five Reasons Conferences Matter:

1. They give you a chance to invest in your key people. Your team matters. Your people matter. Conferences are a way you can invest in their leadership, recognize them for what they bring, and increase their connection to the ministry.

2. You get to meet incredible people. The best conferences and events attract the most amazing leaders. Divine Renovation events attract some of the most exciting pastors and leaders in the Catholic world. Getting to meet and network with leaders of this calibre is an incredible blessing.

3. Get inspired. In leadership, you are on an endless learning curve. Embrace it! Even if things are going really well with your parish, there are so many people innovating out there. Don’t miss out on the chance to get inspired.

4. Put things in perspective. We can so easily lose perspective of our struggles. Seeing that others have challenges too can help us recognize that it’s normal. Building a thriving parish with a healthy culture isn’t easy, and you’re not alone in the struggles and challenges you’re facing in your leadership.

5. Be renewed. We all need to re-charge our batteries. Getting away to a conference breaks routine and it can nourish us mentally, but more importantly spiritually. The best conferences leave room for the Holy Spirit to work. At Divine Renovation conferences, one of the most important elements usually happens near the end of the final day, where we create space for prayer and for the Holy Spirit. It’s often the time that has the greatest impact on attendees. Don’t miss this opportunity. The Holy Spirit wants to equip you and renew you for your ministry. Be humble enough to let Him.


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