This past week on the podcast we were joined by several team members from advertises itself as “increasing giving and engagement with tools built for churches and ministries.” What sorts of things do they do? Well, if you’re reading this…you’re reading it on our app, built by If you sign up in our app for a recurring donation, it’s that makes that possible.

The impact that they’ve had on our ministry has been incredible. They are so reasonably priced and have a support team that is incredible to work with. If your church or your ministry is in need of a platform that helps you improve the giving experience for both you and those that give, we recommend They are not the only option, but they’re the option that we’ve chosen and we’re very happy that we did.

But there’s so much more to this conversation than this.

The year is 2019.

We can try to ignore this fact or we can embrace it. Here are some of the things that you can do with a cell phone in church. You can have that week’s readings right in front of you. You can have sermon notes. You can take notes about these things. You can sign up to attend a church event at the very moment that you’re learning of the event in the first place.

What do you think when you see someone with their phone out in church? Most people think, “I can’t believe they’ve got their phone out at church.” But do you know what they’re doing?

They MIGHT be reviewing the readings for this week.

They MIGHT be looking up the Nicene Creed because it’s been awhile.

They might not be doing any of these things but the point is that we are so quick to judge when we have so little information. What if we changed this perception? What if we gave people an easily accessible way to access the teachings of Jesus at all times and in all places.

 What if this person were reading this week’s sermon notes?

What if this person were reading this week’s sermon notes?

Father James shared a story of how he once pulled out his phone to look up a relevant passage while he was in The Vatican. Even he knew how it might look but he also knew that he was enriching his experience by using the most up to date tools.

If our mission is to be all things to all people we must recognize where people are and what they’re doing and bring Jesus to them in order to bring them to Jesus. Instead of “turn off your cell phones”, maybe we should be encouraging a new level of engagement.

Maybe we should be ensuring that we’re using everything that we can to help realize the Kingdom on earth. We use our phones for absolutely everything we do.

We use phones to summon transportation, deliver food, pay our bills, and communicate with our community.

Why don’t we start using phones to enrich our spiritual lives in the same way?

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