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Why Alpha? Why Now? What’s The Rush with Parish Renewal?

Last week on the podcast we were joined by Josh Danis, the National Director of Alpha Catholic Context for Alpha USA. It was a great conversation about the stories of change that come out of the Alpha Experience and one of the questions we asked Josh was around...

How Well Is Our Welcome?

Walking through the doors of a church is not easy. So how can we find opportunities to welcome people into our faith?

Tweet Like Their Soul Depends On It…Because It Does

How important is social media to the Church? Why should we use digital platforms like Twitter and Facebook, in conjunction with more traditional means, to share the Word? This week we talk about our obligations as evangelizers in the digital era.

But Someone Has To Answer The Phone!

Yes. Someone has to pay the bills. Someone has to answer the phone. But the phones will stop ringing if you don’t give people a reason to call. How can Office Administrators get their WORK done and also get THE work done? We have a few ideas.