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Do Not Go It Alone

How does Divine Renovation deal with the feeling of overwhelm that many parishes and priests feel?

Give: A Little More with

What would you do if your priest asked you to pull out your cell phone in the middle of mass? Are we doing all we can to reach our community?

Live: On Paper

This week on the podcast we went live. What did we learn and what learnings can we share?

Creating a joyful parish

It was a great joy to interview Fr Ken Lao, CC, the pastoral administrator of Holy Trinity Pastoral Unit, Nova Scotia, Canada. His pastoral unit joined the Divine Renovation Network in November, 2017. Fr Ken, CC has also been a guest on the Divine Renovation Podcast....

Thank you for #DR18

Our Divine Renovation Conference 2018 (DR18) started a week ago today, wow! We are so thankful for all who attended and watched on Livestream. We are also so grateful for our amazing volunteers. We can't wait to see how God is going to guide all the delegates as...